Mrs. Lori Dado, School Nurse
Laurel High School Health Services

The philosophy of the Health Services Departement of the Laurel School District is to provide screenings as mandated by the State of Pennsylvania. With the educational process as a priority, a collaborative efforet on the part of the nurses, counselors, teachers, and administrators will ensure the creation of an environment conducive to learning.

*To fulfill the Pennsylvania State mandates from the Department of Health Services.
*To provide first aid emergency care within the limitations of the school nurse's office.
*To evaluate medical situations on an individual basis and make referrals as necessary.To promote healthy lifestyles and well-being through education as provided by the school nurses.

Pennsylvania State Required Health ScreeeningsDSCF3838.JPG
Exam Required in Grades...
Physical K, 6, 11
Dental K, 3, 7

Screening Required in Grades...
Height/Weight All
Vision All
Hearing K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11
Scoliosis 6, 7

Students participating in sports at the high school level are required to have a physical examination
prior to the sports participation by the mandates of the P.I.A.A.

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